Time Flies

Time flies and it passes quick, my dresses came in, and I forgot to take pictures. They are both very beautiful! The skirt: Wedding of Mrs. Fox is especially beautiful, I will be posting coordinates of them on here soon enough. I'm planning to sew more of my dresses, because one it's fun and two it's a little cheaper. I have a lot of fabric lying around that needs to become pretty lolita dresses!

I've started to clean in preparation for the spring, my room is a mess but at least I liberated a lot of books. Now I don't need to pile my books laying down, they can standup again.  I plan on doing the rest of my room tomorrow. I'll feel better afterwards.
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Dreamholic Wigs Review

I bought two wigs from Dreamholic since I heard some pretty good things and I like how they tend to look. I purchased the Salon De The' Rose set, the 'boy' and 'girl' style wigs, however the didn't have the 'girl'  style so they asked me if it's alright to put another wig. I said yes as long as it was dark in colour.

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Top 5 Hypothetical Dress Buying: Victorian Maiden.

This is an exercise I like to do. Give my self a scenario: You are given a large sum of money, but you can only spend it on Victorian Maiden Dresses you find on the site that are in stock. (Pretend you use a SS, or in this magical world VM does international orders) You have to buy 5 dresses with that money or you lose it all. Which 5 would you choose?

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